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Rebecca joined Adoc Talent Management in 2019 as a Research Officer and Recruitment Consultant with a PhD in Educational Psychology from McGill University, Montreal. Over the past 10 years, she has developed and contributed to research projects in minimizing stress during transition periods, motivation, engagement, and human behavior. Additionally, she has had experience in instructional design and delivery at all levels of higher education in both traditional and online formats.

Matthieu Lafon, PhD



Thomas Vignalou

Head of the Montreal office

Thomas holds an MBA degree from Kedge Business School and has worked in various management and business development positions. After holding a strategic position within a human resources consulting firm in Montreal, he joined the Montreal office of Adoc Talent Management. He's involved in business development, account and project management as well as headhunting missions.

Simon Lindsay​


Communications Officer

Over the past five years, Simon has served as a communications professional in organizations such as startups and non-profits operating in philanthropy and culture. He joined the team at Adoc Talent Management in 2019.

As Adoc's Communications Officer for its Montréal, Paris and Brussels offices, he is responsible for bolstering the company's influence and growth through various public engagement efforts.


Noémie Dallaire-Nicholas

Communication Agent

After completing a bachelor's degree in law and master's in life sciences from the Université de Sherbrooke, Noémie sought to make the most of her joint discipline in human sciences and pure sciences. She joined the Adoc Talent Management team as a communications agent in November 2020.

Matthieu holds a PhD in cognitive psychology. He worked for three years in a renowned French company in the energy sector, after which he co-founded Adoc Talent Management, in 2008. Head of the strategic and international development, recruitment consultant and training consultant for Adoc, he was also nominated AERES (now HCERES) expert to assess French graduate schools.

Alexandre Lehmann, PhD

Scientific Advisor 

Alexandre is a cognitive neuroscientist, currently assistant professor at McGill University. He served as the executive director of a non-profit association dedicated to cognitive science research, and then worked as a post-doctoral fellow during four years in Canada and Mexico. Well aware of the challenges PhDs face when entering the current job market, he has been giving lectures and workshops on this topic. He acts as scientific consultant for Adoc.

Prof. Martin Kreiswirth​


Scientific Advisor


Margaux Laquerrière


Recruitment Consultant

Margaux has a master's degree in Management Science from the École des Sciences de la Gestion at UQÀM. Her listening skills and organizational skills enabled her to conduct a one-year scientific study in a branch of the Canadian federal government. The jobs and internships she has done in small and large companies, but also in large groups such as Galeries Lafayette in Paris have revealed her interest in human resources. In October 2020, Margaux joined the Adoc Talent Management team as a recruitment consultant.


Claire Bourrely

Recruitment Consultant

Laurence holds a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management from the École des sciences de la gestion. She was a union representative for the STTLVL in 2019, fulfilling her need for learning and involvement. In 2020, Laurence joined Adoc Talent Management as a recruitment consultant.

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