Our team brings together human resources experts and PhDs. We understand your requirements in high-level scientific skills

- and we know how to find them


Bahare Samadi, PhD

​Research, training and recruitment consultant

Bahare holds a PhD in biomedical engineering focused on the biomechanics of human motion from Polytechnique Montreal. She has expertise in developing machine learning algorithms applied to pediatric rehabilitation. Being fully cognizant of the challenges that PhD holders face in their transition from university to other sectors, she joined Adoc Talent Management to make this journey more efficient for both recruiters and candidates. She works as a consultant in research, training, and recruitment.


Léa Lefeuvre
Recruitment Consultant

Léa holds a Bachelor's degree in Applied Foreign Languages from the Université Catholique de l'Ouest, in Angers. She is currently pursuing a Master's degree in International Trade at the IAE in Lyon. Concurrently, she is also doing a Certificate of Professionalization in order to broaden and enrich her work experience.

Her previous internship in the Central Direction of the Commissariat des Armées in Paris allowed her to discover the different aspects of human resources, and she developed a strong interest in this field.

This is how she joined the Adoc Talent Management team in September 2021 as a recruitment consultant.

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Martin holds a PhD in English from the University of Toronto and has been Professor of English Literature at McGill University since 2007. He held numerous administrative and educational roles at the University of Western Ontario from 1986 to 2007, and then became Professor Emeritus until 2015. He has been creating, developing and presenting graduate training courses since 2005. He is a regular speaker at international conferences dedicated to higher education and provides scientific consulting services for Adoc.

Prof. Martin Kreiswirth​


Scientific Advisor

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Matthieu Lafon, PhD


Matthieu holds a PhD in cognitive psychology. He worked for three years in a renowned French company in the energy sector, after which he co-founded Adoc Talent Management, in 2008. Head of the strategic and international development, recruitment consultant and training consultant for Adoc, he was also nominated AERES (now HCERES) expert to assess French graduate schools.


Thomas Vignalou

Head of the Montreal office

Thomas holds an MBA degree from Kedge Business School and has worked in various management and business development positions. After holding a strategic position within a human resources consulting firm in Montreal, he joined the Montreal office of Adoc Talent Management. He's involved in business development, account and project management as well as headhunting missions.

Simon Lindsay​


Communications Officer

Over the past five years, Simon has served as a communications professional in organizations such as startups and non-profits operating in philanthropy and culture. He joined the team at Adoc Talent Management in 2019.

As Adoc's Communications Officer for its Montréal, Paris and Brussels offices, he is responsible for bolstering the company's influence and growth through various public engagement efforts.