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Our values

What guides us daily

Adoc Talent Management focuses its actions on a mission; which is to promote and develop the skills of PhDs, enabling them to contribute to the socio-economic fabric, within a variety of organizations in the public and private sectors. We accomplish this mission by following values that are dear to us and that have guided the firm since its very creation.

Adoc Talent Management's core values are: 

  • Valuing the doctorate  

  • Expertise

  • Quality

  • Respect

Valuing the doctorate

What this value infers: 

Promoting PhDs' skills to employers

An active involvement in the doctoral ecosystem

A business model designed to help PhDs contribute to their fullest potential in all sectors


What this value infers: 

A detailed and up-to-date understanding of the skills needs of companies

Focus on skills and tools developed internally to better assess candidates

Research projects on PhDs' skills


What this value infers:

Committed teams, in permanent contact with our customers

Services tailored to satisfy the highest expectations

A perfect satisfaction rate among recruiters and candidates


What this value infers: 

Acknowledgement that we are working with what is most important to organizations: the people who are part of them

Respect of recruiters' needs

Respect for the singularity of each candidate

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