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You have remarkable talent

Match it to engaging job opportunities that suit you

We believe that in order for an assignment to be a success over time, the satisfaction of both the company and the candidate is essential. Our role is to enable candidates to put their skills to good use in the service of the organization they join while ensuring they get a work environment that respects their values and fosters their development. With more than 650 talents placed, our expertise is well established. But what do the candidates that we placed have to say?

That we are able to offer them job offers in line with their career plans; that our approach takes their skills into account, while going beyond technical factors; that it takes into account the human being, motivations, aspirations and potential; that it is based on a thorough analysis of the applicant and that the accompaniment we provide throughout the process allows them to feel optimally prepared.

A human approach with a strong sense of listening, which takes into account the specificity of each candidate.

Positions adapted to the interests and competencies of the candidate, in line with the needs of employers.

After hiring, a quality follow-up to monitor integration.

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