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A unique research expertise on the role of PhDs in an innovation-driven economy

Adoc Talent Management conducts pioneering studies on the PhD labour market and the skills needs of organisations

Laboratory of Interdisciplinary studies on the Doctorate (LID)

Founded in 2021 by Adoc Talent Management, the Laboratory of Interdisciplinary studies on the Doctorate (LID) aims to study the doctorate, its ecosystem, uses, and purposes. Researchers conduct studies on the skills and employability of PhD holders, the doctoral experience and well-being, as well as doctoral policies. Our laboratory also develops career guidance tools and competency frameworks.


We carry out studies and develop tools focused on the advanced scientific and transferable skills developed by PhDs throughout their careers. We conducted the largest research ever carried out on the careers and skills of doctoral graduates in Canada: Phdetectives.


PhDetectives: A major study on PhD holders and candidates in Canada

The PhDetectives survey was realized to better understand the skills and professional careers of PhDs in Canada. This study was aimed at doctoral graduates as well as PhD candidates. PhDetectives also includes a complementary survey which was conducted with employers to define and assess PhDs’ competencies, and to ensure their adequacy in the job market.
The objective of this study is to increase the recognition of the doctorate by building accurate indicators about the career path of PhDs and demonstrating the diversity and richness of PhD skills. Further, results from this survey will serve to inform current students about their skills and career opportunities.

A special Thank you to our partners!

PhDetectives is the most extensive study ever carried out on the career paths and skills of Canadian PhDs. It was led by PhD career specialists Adoc Talent Management in collaboration with Mitacs, Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars (CAPS)  and Finance Montréal.


To start a research project related to human resources, skills and career management, call on our team's strong data analysis skills and proven track record.

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