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Interdisciplinary PhD Lab

Call for Applications

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Adoc Talent Management is creating the first Interdisciplinary PhD Lab
Adoc Talent Management is creating the first Interdisciplinary PhD Lab

Its aims are to study the doctorate in terms of skills and its impact on career paths, and to identify its advantages for the future PhDs and society. It will also shed light on the construction of career paths in a longitudinal manner.


The laboratory will also have a prospective component: identifying emerging sectors and professions that will require a doctorate, predicting the useful skills for the PhD of the future, imagining the place that doctors will have in society and what they will contribute at the international level.


To this end, Adoc Talent Management seeks to recruit early stage researchers who are engaged in projects related to the PhD, whether it is considered as an object of study, as a variable, or as a scientific and/or professional activity. The recruitments will take place in our French office, in Paris.

PhDs in education, cognitive sciences, experimental psychology, sociology, economics, and data sciences are particularly relevant. However early-stage researchers involved in the promotion and valorization of the PhD, and with an interesting and credible project are welcome, whatever their discipline may be. Particular attention will be paid to projects involving academic and/or industrial partnerships.

Practical details for submitting applications

Each research proposal will be presented in a short abstract of about 300 words, together with a bibliography in Word or Pdf format. A CV of the project leader will also be attached to the file, as well as the list of their relevant publications.

Research project proposals should be sent to the scientific committee before June 1, 2021 at the following email address:

Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • conceptual framework and problematization (theoretical framework, questions, objectives, key references)

  • methodology (collection, data, instruments, analysis) 

  • envisaged contributions (results, findings, perspectives)

  • motivations for joining the project.

  • relevance (connection with the topic of the lab) 

For each pre-selected project, an audition will take place with members of the Adoc Talent Management team and an individual interview will be organized. In the context of the lab's creation, about ten researchers are expected to be recruited

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